Dr. Anderson Included as One of The World’s Top 20 Hair Transplant Surgeons

“All hair transplant surgeons are created equal, right?
Wrong.” – Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson

Dr. Anderson is proud to have been named on Spex’s Top 20 which includes
the best Hair Restoration Surgeons in the world.

Spex has been known to hair loss sufferers throughout the
world for 10+ years as a wealth of resources, research, valuable information,
and experienced advice from an industry veteran who has tried it all.Read more >

Seeing is Believing: Hairline PRP for Women

Actual Patient Photos. NOT Retouched.Three rounds of PRP injections on July 3, September 10, and December 7, 2018

Have you heard of the “Vampire Facial” as made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian? At our med spa, Anderson Aesthetics, we call it the “Liquid Gold Facial” because it uses platelets from your own blood to help give you a glowy complexion.Read more >

What is FUE?

Thinning hair or balding can be devastating for both men and women. However, restoration is possible. Our patients are enjoying the benefits of FUE and regaining their confidence and youthful appearance. If you haven’t heard about FUE, here are some quick facts:

Follicular unit excision is one of the two primary methods of obtaining groups of hair follicles.Read more >

Anderson Center for Hair Receives Platinum Designation from ARTAS®TM Robotic Hair Restoration

Dr. Ken Anderson is honored to have recently received a platinum designation from ARTASTM Robotic Hair Restoration for his outstanding achievements in hair restoration surgery. Dr. Anderson’s state-of-the-art practice, Anderson Center for Hair, is currently one of only 10 platinum centers in the entire United States. Read on below to discover the importance of this designation, and what it means for patients seeking hair restoration in the Atlanta area. Posted in General, Hair LossTagged ,

Dr. Anderson on eHealth Radio About Laser Hair Regrowth

Can Lasers Regrow My Hair?
Dr. Ken Anderson, triple-board certified facial plastic surgeon and Founder of Anderson Hair Sciences Center, located in Atlanta, GA joins eHealth Radio and the Hair Health and Plastic Surgery Information Channels. He is here to discuss low-level laser therapy in hair restoration and regrowth.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr.Read more >

Is my physician qualified to perform a hair transplant?

What type of Doctor does hair restoration?
In the USA, in order for a person to call themselves a “hair restoration surgeon”, one only needs two things:
​1) A medical license (e.g.: graduate medical school and do one single year of internship in any area of medicine)
​2) The desire to call oneself a “hair restoration surgeon”

​That’s it. Read more >

Anderson Hair Sciences Center Completes the 100th ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration Procedure in the State of Georgia

Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, ABFPRS, ABOTO, the founder and director of the Anderson Hair Sciences Center is proud to announce that he and his surgical team have completed their 100th ARTAS® robotic hair restoration procedure on August 29th, 2014.
Atlanta, GA – September 16th, 2014
The founder and director of the Anderson Hair Sciences Center, Dr. Posted in Hair Loss