Best Surgery For Hair Density

Question: Which surgery has the best results with regards to density? FUT OR FUE ?
Dr. Anderson Answers: 
Dear Confidencerestored,
Thank you for posting this question. The simple answer is that there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. It depends on your age, sex, and goals for your hair loss. It is NOT the method of the hair restoration surgery that will determine your results.Read more >

Hairline Lowering or Hair Transplant?

Question: Always hated size of my forehead- please note this is not due to hair loss. I am 23 and understand I will need to wait until I am 25 to be considered for a transplant. Is that the best option or should I opt for lowering surgery? (I have taken propecia/ dutasteride for last 3 yrs to make sure there is no hair loss & happy to take this forever) I have been desperate since being a teenager to have a proportionate forehead.Read more >