Microneedling – Major Healing


Why Microneedling?

Microneedling is quickly gaining popularity in the medical world–not only is it an efficient delivery method for hair loss treatments, but it also triggers your body’s regenerative properties to encourage hair growth.

How Does It Work?

At The Anderson Center for Hair, we use a sterile, state-of-the art needling device that has precisely spaced micro needles at the tip. These micro needles will then create tiny injuries called micro-perforations in your skin, triggering your body’s healing response. As your skin repairs itself, your immune system will mobilize growth factors and other natural healing components to the site of the micro-perforations.

Your scalp will also experience an increase in production of collagen, elastin, and more blood supply. What you’re left with is healthier tissue and an ideal environment for your hair follicles to grow. Along with microneedling, we also supplement your body’s natural responses with fibroblast growth factors to ensure your hair follicles receive a high concentration of growth factors where you need them the most.

Microneedling amplifies the effects of topical treatments such as growth factors or PRP. It works by creating micro-channels in the skin that act like wells, so the topical treatments are absorbed better and able to reach deeper into areas where your hair follicles are located. At Anderson Center for Hair, all our PRP treatments are done with microneedling.

Our microneedling device has multiple speeds and adjustable depths, so the procedure can be customized to get maximum results and keep you comfortable.

Microneedling is so versatile that it’s used in a variety of procedures to treat acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, mottled skin, large pores, and more. If you’re interested in our other microneedling services, remember to ask about it during your consultation.

Vampire Hair Lift

The Vampire Hair Lift is the stellar new hair loss treatment that combines the powers of fibroblast growth factors and PRP. It’s the perfect combination: the fibroblast growth factors, microneedling, and PRP uses your body’s regenerative mechanisms to encourage growth of thicker hair follicles. Absolutely no creams or salves. It’s just you.

Read more about the Vampire Hair Lift HERE.


We recommend using a numbing cream that’s applied before microneedling to reduce discomfort. We can even call in this cream to any pharmacy of your choice.


Microneedling a non-surgical treatment, meaning it doesn’t require incisions and sutures—even with PRP. The procedure doesn’t take much time, and because the chances of complications are so low, you won’t need antibiotics after this procedure.

There’s also no scarring, and microneedling works with all different types of skin. It’s quick, it’s safe, and it’s natural—sounds like the perfect procedure to go along with your hair loss treatment.

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