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Anderson Center for Hair

1 week 3 days ago

We are having a great day even though it's a little chilly. We are so honored to support the Roswell Police and Fire Foundation.

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Anderson Center for Hair

2 weeks 1 day ago

People think hair restoration is painful. Here's my patient receiving the anesthesia, in the only part of the day where it stings slightly. Does he look like he's in pain? There's a needle in his scalp, yet he's smiling. Patients have mentioned to me that having a linear strip hair transplant is less painful than having your teeth cleaned at the dentist. Can't make this stuff up!

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Anderson Center for Hair

2 weeks 2 days ago

Anderson Center for Hair is in the news! We're the presenting sponsor for the Charles Booker Annual Golf Classic this coming Monday!


Anderson Center for Hair

2 weeks 3 days ago

Now this is some serious "insider information" about the hair transplant industry from a technician from Los Angeles. What she says here is 100% dead-on accurate. This technician is talking about the many doctors who have recently started to offer hair restoration as a procedure by purchasing a machine and attempting to learn the specialty of hair restoration from employees of the company that made their machine. This is happening every day in this country. I truly believe it's more dangerous now than 10 years ago to have a hair transplant procedure because of all the new, in-experienced doctors who are doing a case here and there with their new machine. Patients expecting to receive the same high-quality results as offered by full-time hair restoration surgeons are for the most part kidding themselves. Worth a listen...

I’ve chosen to post this slide from a presentation I was invited to give at The Los Angeles Multi-Speciality Cosmetic Academy meeting in Beverly Hills last weekend. When I speak at these conferences, my goal is to keep people’s eyes off their phones and provide them with a perspective that can at times be raw, but at the very least keeps them present and reminds them that patients are people. I was originally asked to do a talk on “How To Grow A Successful Hair Transplant Practice.” I chose to provide information to Docs interested in doing hair that can really help them to make smart decisions for both their practices and the patients they plan to serve. #hairtransplant #hairrestoration #hairtransplantsurgery #IAHRS #TheBaldTruth

Anderson Center for Hair

2 weeks 6 days ago

Happy Doctor's Day to all my colleagues in medicine!