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3 days 1 hour ago

Be sure toi grab a friend and come win some gifts for yourself!

How to get a raffle ticket at our Merry Birthday celebration!!

Anderson Center for Hair

3 days 18 hours ago

Dr. Anderson, a board certified hair restoration surgeon, speaks with Spencer Korbren, head of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons about the dangers of hair restoration today as compared to just 5 years ago.


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Anderson Center for Hair

5 days 19 minutes ago

Be sure to jump over yo our Open House Event or Anderson Aesthetics page to see all.our specials. Things for the men, things for the ladies, things to gift, things to win - all the things!

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Are you ready to see our specials for our open house this Thursday?

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Anderson Center for Hair

5 days 20 hours ago

Psychology of attraction. Listen to these comments about men's hair. WOW!


What is it about physically attractive people that we find so attractive? What do men and women look for in a potential partner? Let's break down the what's ...

Anderson Center for Hair

5 days 22 hours ago

Just wow. Read this and consider the implications of who is doing your surgery! "Instead of hiring permanent staff, book 'certified' hair restoration techs from your phone. That's who I want involved in our surgeries: some person I've never met before. That's how you choose an Uber driver....not how your choose your hair transplant surgeon.

As the American Hair Loss Association has been saying for some time: it's more dangerous now to get a hair transplant than it was 10 years ago due to the influx of companies like NeoGraft providing apps of this nature. Who are these technicians "certified" by?? Who knows. Most likely the for-profit NeoGraft corporation. Last time I checked medical device companies are in zero position to "certify" anyone. That's what the American Board of Hair Restoration is for.

Rest assured we use a talented team of full-time surgical technicians, who have been actually certified by the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery, not a medical device manufacturing company.