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Anderson Center for Hair

1 week 2 days ago

We grow hair.

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Anderson Center for Hair

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Anderson Center for Hair

1 month 4 hours ago

Anderson Center for Hair shared a memory.

This week Dr. Anderson hosted Dr. Maxim Chumak and his colleague Anna Iegoru for training in hair restoration surgery, showing them how to prepare and execute a 3,000 graft ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant surgery. Dr. Chumak will be offering this new technology in Florida in the coming months. The Anderson Center for Hair is a national training site for new doctors acquiring the ARTAS robotic technology. Dr. Anderson is in his 4th year with the robotic technology, and is a national leader in the number of cases performed. We're excited to share our expertise with other physicians, as Dr. Anderson believes in collegiality and sharing of ideas and techniques because it helps more patients achieve excellent results in hair restoration surgery.

Please call +1 (404) 256-4247 to schedule an in person or virtual consultation today. Dr. Anderson treats patients from around the world with hair loss who desire a highly experienced, extensively trained surgeon with a life-long background in the fine arts to perform their hair transplant procedure. Virtual consultations are available for patients outside of the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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Anderson Center for Hair

1 month 22 hours ago

Excellent commentary about the state of things today in the hair restoration surgery industry from my colleague Dr. Michael Vories.

Spencer Kobren speaks with IAHRS accepted member Michael Vories, MD, about the current state of the hair transplant field and the risks that patients are potentially taking if they don’t do their own due diligence by thoroughly researching their surgeon properly. At a time when it appears that many hair transplant techs can know more about the actual surgery process than the surgeon himself, it’s more important than ever for the consumer to do their homework to find the best doctor for their procedure. #hairtransplant #hairrestoration #hairtransplantsurgery #IAHRS #thebaldtruth

Anderson Center for Hair

1 month 6 days ago