Vampire Hair Restoration

It’s not Halloween –  It’s a Hair Loss Treatment

For as long as we’ve had tales of vampires and Dracula, we’ve always had a sense that blood held life-giving properties. Turns out—that’s not too far from the truth. Our blood has been used to scientifically treat people for decades in the form of platelet rich plasma (PRP): Kobe Bryant used it heal his injuries to his right knee and Peyton Manning used it to help heal his neck injury right before his record-breaking NFL season in 2011. Now, it’s becoming the forefront in hair loss treatment.

Vampire® Hair Lift

The Vampire® Hair Lift, also known as Vampire® Hair Restoration, uses the blood’s natural healing properties, microneedling, and fibroblast growth factors to naturally repair hair follicles and regrow your hair.

Consider this, it’s not the blood itself that’s the secret to hair loss treatment—it’s what’s in our blood. Our blood is chock full of cells called platelets, which contains things like cytokines, growth factors, and other components that have regenerative and healing properties.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a serum with a concentrated amount of these platelets, so PRP hair restoration harnesses the power of healing to slow down hair loss and help grow hairs with thicker diameters.

With the Vampire® Hair Lift, it’s all you and your body’s natural healing mechanisms doing the work.

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Fibroblast Growth Factors – Maximizing Hair Loss Treatment

It’s not just the PRP therapy that makes Vampire® Hair Lift so effective, fibroblast growth factors are also administered to ensure that the hair loss treatment is as powerful as possible.

The use of fibroblast growth factors is cutting-edge gene therapy that works on the cellular and molecular level; Anderson Center for Hair uses younger, healthier, and incredibly potent growth factors to stimulate and strengthen hair follicles. It also has the added benefit of protecting your hair follicles and promoting an increased blood supply.


We will draw a small amount of blood, about 60Ml. If that sounds like a lot, keep in mind that 500Ml if blood is usually taken when you donate.

After that, your blood will be centrifuged to create the PRP serum, which will then be injected into your scalp. After that, the fibroblast growth factors are applied topically and microneedling will be administered to amplify its effects.


When you’re treating yourself using your own body’s healing system–there’s actually not a lot of risk. Vampire® Hair Lift doesn’t involve surgery, scarring, or suturing, so it’s incredibly safe. The only recovery or downtime is at least a day of rest where you should avoid excessive sweating, exercise, and washing your hair.

Dr. Anderson Discusses Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

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