We believe there is no substitute for Peace of Mind. As such, the Anderson Center for Hair encourages personal consultations with Dr. Ken Anderson prior to any planned procedure. You will meet directly with Dr. Anderson as we do not employ the use of consultants or salesmen. You are encouraged to bring a family member or spouse if you would like to. In a relaxed atmosphere in a private consultation room, you and Dr. Anderson will discuss the details of hair loss and its solutions, and talk about your specific pattern of loss and what options are available to you. This medical consultation typically lasts one hour, during which Dr. Anderson will discuss with you your diagnosis, and the medical and surgical treatment options specific to your particular situation. Dr. Anderson will explain what you can expect from a hair restoration procedure, and answer any questions you may have about the surgery. If you do not live locally, we can arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Anderson to discuss your hair loss. We ask that you send us photographs of your hair and scalp so that Dr. Anderson can more accurately assess your condition and discuss your treatment options.

Consultation Fees?

There is no cost for a one hour consultation with Dr. Anderson. It is a medical consultation to review your pattern of hair loss, and discuss your medical history and family history of hair loss. Dr. Anderson will use a hair densitometer to assess the density of your hair, and talk with you about your treatment options. You will have time to have all of your questions about hair restoration answered, review work by Dr. Anderson, and tour the facility. Because we believe so strongly in well-informed patients, additional consultations to meet with Dr. Anderson to answer questions, reassess your hair loss, or just to talk to Dr. Anderson about hair loss and it’s various treatments are provided at no cost to you.

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